Top Questions And Answers From A Credit Repair Company

Top questions and answers from a credit repair company | Tradeline TV

This video is a little different the most of the content I bring you. We get asked a lot of the same questions so I thought I would drop a quick video answering the top 3 questions and answers from the #1 credit repair company.

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Wholesale Tradelines, legally adds positive history to your credit report with seasoned authorized user tradelines. We do this by adding you as an authorized user to an existing credit card account that has a long history of perfect payments, with little or no balance. This can recalculate your credit score with drastic results.

We also have a proprietary, fast and effective credit sweep and inquiry removal service.

Additionally, we give those with good credit, the opportunity to earn a monthly passive income in our cardholder program.

Call us for ANY questions about your credit or questions about existing orders.

904-515-6698 (call or text)