#DeeTalks: I NEED TO IMPROVE MY CREDIT SCORE!!! (Check Description Box!)

Hey Guys, Welcome to my first official video!!

Today I’m discussing how we all can build up our credit scores…
As I appreciate some of my content may be lengthy, so I’ll leave it up to you guys to skip to the bits you want to learn about if you haven’t got time to watch it all:
0:42 – What is a credit Score?
1:35 – Main UK credit score providers
2:16 – Improving my credit score (10 tips)
2:25 – Court judgements, bankruptcies & IVA
3:17 – Accounts in default
3:30 – Registering to vote
4:18 – applying for finances/loans & credit checks
6:02 – Running a credit check against you
6:25 – Bank accounts
7:11 – Overdue payments
7:24 – Staying within your credit limit
8:40 – Taking out a credit card
9:00 – Managing your phone bill
9:18 – Direct debits
9:30 – Student Loans

Useful links:
Check your credit scores:
CLEARSCORE! (Recommended):

Additional Links:
Register to Vote:
Uni Students:

Compare credit cards:
For those with bad credit:
I didn’t mention this in the video however most credit cards that you will be able to take are of VERY HIGH INTEREST!!
However, you can take one out and keep the expenses very low (i.e. food, petrol,) and pay back in full every month… that way you won’t get charged any interest and your credit score goes up!! :D
NEVER spend more than you can afford to pay back

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Thank you for watching !

– Dee