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This week’s topic is all about getting to grips with Credit Scores and Understanding Interest Rates. I will also share with you guys my personal experience of taking a credit card out at a young age and how it is still affecting me to this date.
1:33 – What is a credit card?
2:18 – Am I eligible for a credit card?
2.43 – What is meant by a promotional credit card?
3:47 – The risks with promotional credit cards
6:17 – Balance Transfers – What are they?
7:19 – Balance Transfers – Implications for Young People/Uni students
9:15 – My personal experience with balance transfers
10:12 – Recommendations – what to look for when taking out a credit card
11:13 – Understanding Interest Rates, how does it actually work?
Useful Links:
More info on credit cards:
Eligibility checker:
Credit Card Eligibility Calculator:
Compare balance Transfer deals:
Student Credit Cards/ Promotional credit cards (although I do not recommend them, they are a quick way of building your credit score if you have poor credit, as per my previous video, just please DO NOT EXTEND your credit limit beyond what you can afford – that is how the trouble starts!!):
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